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We get a lot of frequently asked questions. He's a rundown of what we find most useful for people to know about photography and videography. We know a lot of people get nervous, don't know what to wear and convince themselves they hate being on camera. Here's our tips on how to prepare for a photoshoot or videoshoot! 

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What do I do if I'm nervous for my photo or video shoot?

90% of our clients get nervous and that's totally normal! Our job is to remind you to breathe, slow down and take things one step at a time. We are some of the least judgmental people you'll ever meet and we certainly aren't going to judge you for being nervous or messing up. 

What if I keep messing up?

That's 100% normal. WE mess up when we record our own videos too! Everyone has the occasional stutter, fumble and moments we get ahead of ourselves. We're all human, and we expect the extra nerves to result in extra takes. We're here for as many takes as you need until you love the results.

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What do I wear to a photoshoot?

Depends on a few things. We want to make sure you're the star of the show so your outfit needs to stand out against your background. We always suggest staying away from small, busy patterns and sticking with solid colors or extra large patterns.

Try to stick to this guide:

Background                                     Outfit

                     Dark                               bright/light colors

                                 Light                    Dark, medium or bold colors

                     Busy                           Simple, solid colors

                            Plain                      Bold, bright, big patterns

       Warm colors                          Cool colors

What if I don't like myself on camera?

We totally get it. It's weird seeing and hearing yourself on camera. We want you to feel like the magical human being you are on the day of the shoot. We are good at what we do which means we bring pro lighting, and use prime camera lenses to make you look your best!

If you follow the tips above, you'll look and sound great!


TIP: Record yourself reading the script on your phone for practice.

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Tips from a pro videographer

1. Practice as much as possible

Practice in front of a mirror, a friend or record yourself on your phone. 


2. Take notes

Listen to your practice recording with your eyes closed to hear your voice, and watching again with your video on mute. This gives you a great sense of what you look and sound like.


3. Breathe 

Obviously you have to breathe. We mean breathe the right way! When we get nervous, we tend to talk much faster and that makes us run out of breath. We recommend taking a deep breath before each sentence to keep those awkward pauses as bay.


4. Remember we're all human

The goal is to bring out your personality so you can connect with your audience in an authentic way. We want you to be your weird, quirky, fabulous self and let us capture that.

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